Day 15 – about halfway through the blog month. I’m starting to find it really tough. At first, it was fun to get back into blogging, and i had enough ideas to keep me going. The last few days have started to be difficult. I’ve found myself staring at a blank screen for an hour willing some idea – ANY idea – to come into my idea. Even when I have managed to get going, I’ve found myself halfway through and thinking “this is utter, utter rubbish”. I’ve resisted the urge to go back through the posts and see if that sentiment was correct.

But that, I think, is the whole point of the exercise. Silencing my internal critic is proving impossible, but learning to ignore it my be the next best thing. I’m almost getting the hang of it, to the point that i’m starting to wonder if i could do a musical version – maybe recording a song a month or something – to break the bad habit i hate most.

Finding the time for a blog a day is trickier than i though. I’ve even found that there are a few posts i wanted to spend more time on. Hopefully this bodes well for the future. I’m already trying to redo my whole website. Spent the last few hours trying to set up PHP/Apache/MySql on my home PC and swearing, but in a good way