Tonight was the opening night of the Frankophilia exhibition at Salford Uni. For those of you not in the know, this is a tribute to the late, fantastic Frank Sidebottom who died earlier this year.

I was doing a project earlier this year to take weekly self-portraits. One of them was my tribute to Frank – a pseudo-Frank head made out of a cardboard box with a drawing of a face stuck on the front. Despite it being, frankly, rubbish, it was noticed by the woman organising the exhibition. She asked if she could use the photo, and I was delighted. When she asked if i still had the head, even more so. After much checking that she did realise it was a cardboard box with a bit of paper stuck to it and not an actual artwork, i sent it off and she seemed very pleased.

Tonight, we went along to see it unveiled. The exhibition is great – some very talented fans have put together some excellent artwork. I came away inspired to make something or draw something or do something creative. Frank always made the daftest things seem joyous – making things for the pleasure of making things, not for any greater purpose. Everything in that room was made by a fan, for no reason other than that they enjoyed doing it. We need more of that.

Oh and as well as the creations of talented artist, there was this load of bobbins