Yesterday’s arrival of my cool frankophilia poster meant a trip to IKEA for picture frames. Frames plural, as I also have a pile of recently acquired film posters to display. I’ve been staring at blank space over my fireplace for yonks and never really found what I wanted.

Nice, eh?

Next is either The Cat From outer Space or The Secret Policeman’s Ball. I’ve wanted to get proper film posters for along time, and found a guy at a film fair with a basket load. I’m not sure of their origin or background but i got 6 for 15 quid, good quality, full size, good condition. I’ve seen websites selling them for 50-60 quid. No idea what the difference is.

Even though I have no intention of selling them, I hope they AREN’T rare and exclusive items worth a barrel load of cash, as I had to trim the edges off to fit them in the frame, which would probably have knocked a bit off the resale value. Annoying that as far as I can tell ALL film posters are about 30×40 inches but NO picture frames are quite that big.

Anyway, Frou-Frou claimed the Snow White one so no doubt she’ll be showing that off soon.