Unusually for me, I was up and about quite early on a Saturday. I had a post office card saying there was a parcel waiting to be collected, as it had been too big to go through the door. As our sorting office is helpfully open from 7a.m. to 12 Monday to saturday, I had to be up in time to get there

Most of my mail goes to work, where our long-suffering office manager will bring the latest delivery from Amazon or Play.com to my desk, so a parcel I wasn’t expecting, too big for the letterbox coming to my house was a really mystery.

By the time I got to the bus stop, I was thinking maybe a long-lost relative had died and left me an Egyptian Sacrophagus or a pre-war Martin or some sentimental little keepsake for old times sake. Then a more realistic prospect occurred to me. I previously trekked to the delivery office, in the rain only to discover that the “unexpected parcel” was a flyer for a local music shop. A fact I didn’t discover until after I had paid the excess postage and shortly before everyone in the vicinity of the sorting office learnt a range of Glaswegian expletives.

So with some trepidation, I waited for the nice post office man to bring me whatever it was. Turned out to be a tube (treasure map? Dead Sea Scroll? ) containing the Frankly (ha!!!) fantastic (it is, it really is) poster for the Frankophilia exhibition at The University Of Salford, which the lovely organiser promised to send me. I have an “exhibit” in it (if you can call a carboard box with a bit of paper stuck on it as an “exhibit”), so you should all go and see it.

And if you ask me nicely, i’ll let you see my framed poster. Looks a bit like this (but more brilliant).

Frnakophilia poster