I’m off out to a film night tonight so I’m not likely to be home in time for a daily blog. Barely 12 hours since my last one. Yoinks. Who has a life so exciting that enough things happening in their life between midnight and noon to fill a whole blog post? With the exception of Keith Richards, obviously.

Highlight of the day so far has been our weekly free lunch. Once a week, the company pays for us to have a takeaway lunch, to promote interaction and team spirit. What actually happens is a whole lot of moaning about where we get the food from. It’s a fine balance between something tasty and exciting and the not-overly-generous budget. As the office vegetarian (it’s an unofficial post), occasionally have to suggest that we not get Big Joe’s Steak, Chicken and Beef Surprise all round.

Second place highlight was finishing the anagram solving program I’ve been working on in my spare time for a work contest. No prizes or the like – just the raw thrill of fiddly coding, baby. oh yeah. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself about the side of the job you loved in the first place. So much of my day gets taken up in meetings and documents and fixes and generally not writing any code, that it’s surprising relaxing to just code for the sake of it. As someone who starts a million projects and never finishes any of them, the deadline of a competition gives me an incentive to actually sign one of them off.

Third place? well, it’s Friday, innit. That’s a prize in itself