Yesterday, the drawer broke when I opened it to get a spoon. I managed to take it out and nail it together at the SAME TIME as preparing my soup.

I’m like a crazy hybrid of Handy Andy and the Galloping Gourmet

Ralph arrived last night and we went to the fantastic Coriander restaurant in Chorlton. I’m going to mention the name a lot in case the owner notices and I get freebies. If that works, expect a lot of references to Mesa-Boogie from then on.

Anyway, a fabulous meal (at the marvellous Coriander on Barlow Moor Road, a range of prices and an excellent vegetarian selection…ok, ok I’ll stop ) we headed home for a few cheeky shandies and some banter. I passed out by 2 unlike ‘erself and Ralph who teetered on until 8, by which point Sophie was incapable of operating the duvet or her speech centres.

Guess which of us three is feeling smuggest today?