2007 ahoy, then. This year marks the halfway point of my three score years and ten, depressingly, so it may all be downhill from here. I keep having panicky thoughts about futility and death and unfinished business. Whooo, party time.

For once, I really feel like this will be a year of change. My mate has lost 4 stone in the last few months through little more than cutting down on booze and crap food, and that’s really motivated me to go for the same, although I’m setting a target of this time next year for the same amount of weigh. Giving up booze will be a challenge so I’m adding the caveat “except for big special occasions”. The Yoga classes were proving to be hard because of my lardiness so I’m going to re-start those as incentive to lay off the pasties.
I seem to be reading more and more self-help, “be all you can be books” lately and can’t quite decide why. My usual reaction to them is to sneer at the ambitious go-getters who take them seriously but I’m taking more interest. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m finally fed up with things that I know I COULD change. There’s not as much in my life these days that bothers me as there used to be but I’m realising how much I’m accepting or putting off.

One book I’ve kept toying with is David Allen “Getting Things Done”. My brief skimming leads me to think it’s just the thing for sorting my life out but they all have an element of that. When I get round to reading the damn thing, I’ll let you know how it goes.

And I have to do SOMETHING musical. I’ve been playing instruments of one sort or another for years but lately i’ve only played for myself and it’s about time I got out there or at least finished some things. My ever increaing stack of unfinished 4-bar ideas is growing and growing, stoked by my inner critic laughing at the idea someone like ME could do something creative. I have to force myself to the end of things.
Part of my reason for starting a blog is to force a regular burst of creativity, in the hope it’ll filter through to other things.

and cos..y’know..internet stuff is cool.