Xmas accomplished with minimum damage, liver and stomach notwithstanding. My stomach in particular is not withstanding anything more than glasses of milk at the moment. Me and ‘er just had a quiet Xmas at home, working our way through the provisions, trying not to spill any of it. I feel I may be over-boozing to compensate for my planned abstinence, starting on 1/1/2007. Obviously, this will not include my birthday, pace-egging or the Cambridge Folk Festival (one can take these things too far) but will result in a svelte physique by the end of the month.

Even though I’m a soppy tart at the best of times, the Xmas spirit seems to be getting to me. Today, I found myself misty-eyed at “Challenge Aneka” and positively soggy-cheeked at …er…”Casper, the Friendly Ghost”. It’s not right, really it’s not. I was even getting all self-helpy, ‘yougogirl’ for the Welsh cleaner on Channel 4 learning to be a Burlesque stripper and breaking through her barriers. And I was NOT just watching it for the 50s retro loving gals with pasties on their nipples.

‘erself is planning to work as of tomorrow. I plan to work my way through a selection of cheesy sci-fi flicks and technical books.

I so rawk.