Two nights of the boy Morrissey at G-Mex in yer actual Manchester. Is there a better start to Xmas?

He seemed on top form, especially on Saturday night. I still don’t get Kristeen Young, though. Incredible voice and for the first five minutes she seems exciting but after 45 minutes, i’m willing her off the stage.

Morrissey’s latest thing seems to be 60’s/70’s euro-crooners judging by the videos before he came on. Sacha Distel, Brigitte Bardot, Tommy Korberg, Gigliola Cinquetti as well as Vince Taylor and a James Dean screen test (some things are constant) which I enjoyed way more than i’d have expected.

The lad ‘imself still knocks me out. I can’t think of a single, current pop star with half his wit or charm or style.

And hearing “the songs that saved your life” being sung by the man in person never gets old.