Keeping Schtumm


Quiet round here, I know, but it’s for your own good. I’m unemployed again and doing nothing but staring at a laptop and talking to recruitment agents. Some of you may remember my previous blog on a similar topic. Nothing appears to have changed. So far, I’ve been asked about jobs in Dagenham, Cambridge, Belfast, Glasgow, Crawley, the Isle of Man and …er… Malaga.

The prize goes to the one who told me Huddersfield was “2 or 3 miles West of Manchester”. Close but no cigar.

So for the sake of your sanity, I’m not saying much. When and if anything new or exciting happens, i’ll let y’all know

Scotsman Gets Hat-trick Shocker!


Sadly, nothing to do with sport as
a/ the Scotsman is me and
b/ a Scottish Hat-trick???? are you mad??

The title actually refers to the fact I am being made redundant for the third time.


And I was just about getting my head round all the linux tools and such like.

“At least it’s Sunny”, you may say. Ah yes, but remember there is every chance I’ll have to be tootling around Manchester in a suit, trying not to be to sweaty when I arrive. Excellent.

Still, i’ve been letting my X-box skills slip and this might be the perfect opportunity for a refresher.

Up, Up And A Wee


Ever give yourself little treats that aren’t really treats but just a change from what you did yesterday?

In our office building, there’s no gents (toilets, that is, not refined male-folk although there’s a lack of those, too) on the ground floor where I am. We’re officially supposed to used the wheelchair-access one but I always feel guilty about that. I’m sure there was something in the bible about verily not using the water closets of the infirm lest the good lord meets you at the pearly gates and boots you down the hell hatch to the bad fire.

Even though I’ve yet to see anyone in a wheelchair within 100 yards of the building, I’d hate to come out to be confronted by a queue of people literally spinning their wheels and glaring. We work at the top of a hill, too, so if I ran off and they gave chase, they’d have the upper hand.

Just in case, I use the one on the first floor. There IS a staircase but the financial institution company representatives employed on the upper floors clearly want to keep the cloven-hooved scum of the lower circles away from them so they have a lock on the stair-well door and won’t tell us the secret password. We oiks have no fear of technology and rapidly worked out we could use the lift instead, pointedly farting as we leave to show those toffee nosed twerps what’s what.

So, the other day, feeling like the sort of treat I mentioned above, I got in the lift and just DECIDED to go to the ninth floor. Just to see! I didn’t even have any reason to go there! Yeah, I know! I’m a wild man – like Keith Moon if he knew about C++ compilers.

And there’s ANOTHER gents up there!

And more on floors 7 and 5!

I’m saving exploration of floor 3 for a special day before I venture into the untold mysteries of the even numbers. I don’t want to burn out before I’m 40.

Cursed Working


Sorry for the mucho quieto. Life’s been pretty hectic and likely to get more so. Finally started the glamorous new job and so far so good.

The eight-hours-of-train-travel-on-the-first-bloody-day notwithstanding.

Still it’s a definite improvement. Lots of busy and nerdy and Linux.

Been to loads of gigs lately and I’ve started trying to review them (see up there where is says ‘reviews’) but it’s making me respect, y’know, PROPER reviewers mostly. Might take them down again. Any opinions gratefully ignored.

more soon. honest

A Puzzler


As some of you know, I’m leaving my current job and starting work somewhere else. Just finalised my leaving date and I finish on the 5th of October. This leaves a week between finishing one and starting the other.


what should I do with the time?

Read up techy geek stuff to prepare for new techy geek job?

or catch up on the telly/Xbox/Reading I won’t have time for once I start work again?

tricky tricky tricky

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