Rude Men … I Think


Overheard two men at a bar, discussing one of the barmaids:-

Man 1: “oh aye, you would but she’d take some shaggin'”
Man 2:”aye … and you’d need a pair of axle stands for her legs”

um … ? D’you think they were talking about the short one or the Rotund one? Lost on me.

Outraged of Chorlton


I’m sure there were lots of interesting articles in the weekend Guardian magazine. Sadly, I didn’t make it past page 18.

Billie De Piper De Belle De Jour De lingerie

I’m 35, damn it, I should be LONG past reacting like this. I was reading the GUARDIAN, for goodness sake, I should be outraged by the objectification of the female form and the misogyny and the puerile attempt to shock weedy lefties with a double page picture of a scantily clad woman.


Billie in her knickers.

eh? eh?? phwaor

Music Be The Food Of … erm …


As as rule, Beloved Sophie and I don’t have arguments. Disagreements, discussions, a battle of wit and wisdom – yes, but not proper shouting matches. The closest we ever come is during DIY sessions or while pontificating about music.

The last such wrangle was over the meaning of a Cat Empire song. While not wishing to go over the details of it, in short I was completely correct and she was very, very wrong.

This week, it got heated fairly late on after 3 bottles of wine. I don’t remember the fine details but Beloved suggested I am “a crap musician” for reasons involving Paul Simon, Josef Mengele and the Bhundu boys.

I am ashamed to admit I had no answer to that.

New Pants


Having finally admitted defeat, I bought several new pairs of work trousers this weekend as my old ones were more hole than trouser.

Wearing them today, I am delighted to find I can safely put loose change in my pocket AND open my legs.

Which makes me sound like a cheap hooker but then I always was anybody’s for a bag of wine gums and a smile.

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