On The Plus Side…


…starting the day with Waffles and Maple syrup was rather nice.

But the “toast at a medium setting” instruction actually meant “put on lowest possible setting and don’t walk away or you’ll have a kitchen full of black, black smoke.”

The cats were sniffing the new electronic cat feeder a bit warily too. And that was while they could still see it without the use of infra-red equipment. New toy is intended to feed cats on a timer while I’m away for a weekend (Brighton in a fortnight, Scotland the week after … Michael Palin’s got nowt on me) but I fully expect the feline hackers to have it upended, rewired and emptied by the time I get home.



The cats appear to have noticed that Night-Time Feeding Human is no longer around and Morning-Time Feeding Human is quite miserable about it and not concentrating on the important matters of domestic life i.e their endless cycle of eating and sleeping, so they decided to cheer me up by leaving me a present.

Specifically, a dead mouse carefully placed by my Morrissey book.

At least, I hope that’s the reasoning and it’s not a Mafia-style warning sign. As I am now the only vegetarian in the house, they may be plotting against me. The symbolic juxtaposition of Moz and Dead Mouse are hard to miss.

Maybe I should start locking my bedroom door.



To follow on from Sophie’s post here

Last night we were enjoying the television for once. We’ve hardly been watching TV since we came back from holiday. The Sky subscription stops on Saturday night, the same night smoking in pubs will be banned. Sophie is convinced this is a sign of the coming of the apocalypse and society will fall to the Visigoths before Monday teatime. However, I digress.

We were watching a surprisingly entertaining programme about Paris. The subtitles when thusly

“why, yooo ‘av a very luuuvleee market stall, monsieur”

“ah yes and zat ees a lovely pear, you have there”

obviously, we fell about like the hyped up 10-year-olds we basically are.

Sophie snorted:-

“ah the French. They just don’t DO double entendres”

ummm …

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