And so i get to the last post of the month. FINALLY! I’m having to post before i leave today as im not sure how much internet access i will have.

So how did it go? My blog had been virtually dead for at least six months, so i was wary about how i’d cope going from zero to daily posts. At first it was fun to be back into it again. I was enjoying the process and glad to see i could still do it.

As the month wore on, it became harder and harder. Finding the time wasn’t as much of an issue as I expected, but finding subject was. More than once i’ve been staring at a blank screen, willing something to come into my head. I had to force myself to Just Start Writing and was amazed to find the every time, i came up with SOMETHING to write about.

I’ll admit that a lot of the posts are nonsense and certainly not up to the standard i’d usually aim for. Mroe than once, however, i found myself having to stop and wishing i could spend another evening redrafting and clarifying.

The mos importnat part for me has been ignoring my inner critic, just a bit. The deadline to get a blog out every day, no matter what meant i had no choice but to keep going on posts where i would normally ave scrapped teh lot and started again. And the interesting thing is that those posts sometimes turned out better than the ones i liked at the start.

I’ve not read through the months posts yet, but i will when i get back. Much as i’d liek to, i won’t redo any of them. I might use them as inspiration for new posts though.

Did i enjoy it? mostly. Would i do i again? probably not. Am i glad i did it? absolutely. Will it encourage me to start doing it “properly” again? you bet.

The blog is back 🙂