frou-frou is still stuck up north. I think being trapped with people you love isn’t the worst thing that could happen (even if one of those people is hundreds of miles away and missing her like crazy) but i’m sure she’d rather be home. I’d certainly rather not be heading to the other end of the country tomorrow, and hoping i’ll be able to get back.

I have to be up at ridiculsoulyearly o’clock to get a train to London for a training course. Whether I’ll actually make it and, more to the point , make it back is almost entirely weather dependent. So far, the snow is only affecting the north and east but it’s only a matter of time. I’m still enough of a tourist in london to enjoy the odd trip but the thought of spending any more time than i have to holed up in a hotel isn’t filling me with joy.

This is the second last post of the blog-a-day challenge. Realllllly struggling tonight as you can probably tell,but i think i have one last short one in me !