As mentioned yesterday, I spent last night testing out my mate’s new guitar. Bloody excellent it is too, as is his shiny new amp. He pointed me at this – a scheme whereby you can get interest free credit on musical instruments.

That, to me, is a dangerous thing.

Having already acquired an extensive collection of stringed instruments, I did have a quick look at stage pianos, gulped a bit, and looked away. Microphones aren’t part of the scheme. Worse, it also doesn’t cover computer hardware so my much longed for MacBook is still a pipe dream, too.

So what to look at? A decent amp? That would mean having to find somewhere where i can play it loud enough to make it worthwhile. Short of ~shudder~ clearing out the garage, that’s not really practical.

Maybe a saxophone. I played clarinet at school and briefly got a loan of a saxophone. Such a fun, sleazy, smoky, sexy instrument – I’ve always fancied one of my own. Unfortunately, the sax suffers from the same problem as an amp – it’s next to impossible to play quietly.

Perhaps i should just stick to what I know. There are all sorts of guitars i’ve never even played, let alone owned. Semi-acoustic Gretsches and Gibsons and super-fast Ibanez and down and dirty Les Pauls. Probably even some good deals on coming up to Xmas.

Or maybe I should for once in my life behave like a grown up and admit that I don’t actually NEED to keep buying Instruments and should, in fact, learn to play the ones I have, spending what little money i have on things i ACTUALLY need.


it’s an option i suppose

now where did i put that Fender catalog…?