Bit of a quick sneaky one today. I’m going out tonight to play with a mate’s new guitar, so may be home late – too late for a daily blog post. Plus, I may not make it home at all, so may not have access to a machine, making it absolutely impossible.

Does blogging to say you aren’t going to blog count as a blog post? Hopefully.

To have a positive tone for once, i’ll nick frou-frou’s idea of publishing happy stats. So, things that are making me happy:-

  • As mentioned, Friend’s new guitar to try out. Better than that, he’s been talking about having a guitar and singing and music night for ages so this might be the start of a regular fun thing.
  • Evenings and a whole Saturday to myself this week as frou-frou is busy until Sunday. Much as I miss her, it’s AGES since I’ve had a whole Saturday to myself.
  • Blade Runner Final Cut boxed set to work though. frou-frou has a new telly to play with and this might be the perfect test for it.
  • Dress Down Friday. We have a monthly (!) Dress Down Friday and it’s tomorrow. So I can break out the smoking jacket and slingbacks, or possibly just the PVC trousers and mankini combo. Or not