Frou-Frou, it must be said, is fond of her tea. That’s “fond” in the same way as I am “fond” of the idea that one day Dita Von Teese may find herself stranded on my doorstep with nothing but her stage costumes and an as-yet-undefined reason why she can’t leave the building for a fortnight.

So, as we are currently driving distance from Harrogate, home of the (apparently) world famous Betty’s Tearooms, a visit was pretty much inevitable. We tried last year but a 45-minute wait on the pavement was more than even herself could put up with.

“Good morning sir, madam. And which cafe would you prefer for today’s visit?”
“Is there a difference?”
“We recommend the main room for the full Betty’s experience”
“pfffft … the? full? …oooww, who just kicked…oh”

Decision made, we settled in and ordered. I was slightly scared that I’d have doilies and scones forced down my throat but what I actually got was the nicest cup of spiced Hot Chocolate I’ve ever, ever had. Honestly. And I’ve had a lot. oh yes.

The rest of the day paled in comparison. Even coming back with a sack of Wii games and a couple of nice propelling pencils wasn’t an improvement on the cinnamon-and-nutmeg goodness.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so with any luck we’ll be forced to stay indoors tomorrow with nothing to do but play Wii games and read books.

And wait for Dita and her milk truck full of hot chocolate …