To get back into blogging (and not to be competitive with anyone … hooo no ), I’m going to try the NaBloPoMo (blogging daily for a month).

Bit nervous about how I’ll manage given that I’ve blogged once in about 6 months and my photographic Project 52 fizzled out before I made it to the halfway point. I’m on holiday at the moment so i have a head start.

Today started lazily and got slower. After ooohing at a hot air balloon, we tootled off to Pateley Bridge through some glorious countryside. Pateley looked like I want a Yorkshire market town to look – sturdy grey stone, flower baskets, inviting local pubs. Unfortunately, Monday seems to be everything-is-shut day so we didnt get to visit the old fashioned sweet shop. Had a civilised scone and mooch then went onto Ripon. Frou-Frou wasn’t feeling great, so I was sent off to find tinctures and tonics, while she did some medicinal wool shopping. I picked up a copy of “Future Noir”, a book about Blade Runner which looks well worth the 2.99, although it will probably be propping up a table for a few months until i get round to it.

“home”, food, vegging and telly. Not sure i can keep up this pace for the rest of the week but by crikey, i’ll do my best.