Sunshine has at last battled its way through the Mancunian drizzle, so I unlocked the patio doors, threw them wide and stepped out for a bask.

Then found part of a pigeon on the patio. Specifically, a wing.

I will now telepathically assess you, based on the thoughts in your head

1/ “awwww da poooh burdie”
You are a normal, and rational human being, clearly looking at the wrong blog.

2/ “but if it only has one wing, won’t it fly round in circles?”
Please send me a postcard from Narnia, I hear it’s lovely

3/ “oh christ, where have the little sods hidden the rest of it?”
You are an experienced cat owner.

I’ve yet to come across more parts or a Silence Of The Lambs style Bird-suit but the moggies are looking particularly pleased with themselves this week