I’ve been feeling oddly cheerful today. As an unashamed geek, i’ll confess this is largely due to being allowed to play with interesting software at work. For once, I’m looking at stuff I’d be interested in looking at in my own time. For the geeks among you, I’ve been asked to look at setting up a php forum and group blogs for the department and been given free reign to play with it. This is fun in my book – interesting software, with plenty of scope to tinker and tweak and no actual deadline. bliss. Of course, i have to fit it in around my other work but you can’t have everything.

In fact, it’s spilling over into my own time. I’ve spent the evening installing a similar set up things at home. Having spent this month blogging every day (you HAD noticed, hadn’t you?), I’m keen to soop up the web site
a bit, just for the hell of it. Going to the Frankophilia do the other night left me feeling creative and eager to make something. As i can draw, sculpt, animate, or paint to save my life, web site design is about the best i can do.

Usually, tinkering with the website is what i do to avoid doing anything constructive but given that i’ve managed to keep up with the daily posts, i can probably justify it.

I’m a hopeless case, aren’t i?