Went to see the excellent Neil Hannon last night. As it was a solo show, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but his songs were clearly written as solo pieces and worked perfectly. He came on with a pipe, so i was sold straight away.

Of course, I left wanting a piano.

My house is currently filling up with stringed instruments, namely 2 acoustic guitars, 2 electric guitars,a 12 string acoustic, a bass, a banjo and a pink ukulele. There are also 3 or 4 harmonicas, 2 penny whistles and a synth, none of which i can play. I’m hoping that being surrounded by all these musical tools, somehow I’ll magically turn into a gifted multi-instrumentalist, or at least a moderately talented player of at least one damn thing. So far, not so much.

I’ve always wanted to play a keyboard instrument, though. The synth is too small and doesn’t feel like a keyboard and obviously has a number of other flaws which i haven’t thought up yet to excuse my inability to play it.

I suppose a piano is big, huge and impractical. Ah well, there’s always the accordion…