“Can I do the Eric Morecambe thing with the paper bags?”
“I don’t know what that is but absolutely not”
“but …”

Fiona had decided to use her love of Making Stuff into a method of funding more Stuff to turn into other Stuff by selling her wares at a Craft fair. I had been drafted in as dogsbody and security. Mostly I ended up getting in the way. I attempted to size up the opposition

“Their stuff’s not very ‘crafty’ – and that one’s rubbish”
“well, it is”

Craft is probably The Next Big Thing. That nice Kirstie “Location x 3” Allsop was on the other night making stockings and blowing her own baubles, which sounds like an entertaining evening.

Fiona, it turns out, is a dab hand at the sales chit-chat, largely because she was among her own people. There were discussion which i think related to buttons and crochet and ribbons but beyond that it all got too technical. I skulked and hoped no-one asked me anything tricky

I can confirm that the mulled wine stall was most excellent.