I’ve had about 6 different posts started and not got anywhere with any of them, so instead of putting it off, here’s a quick round up:-

-Back in employment again. No names, no pack drill but it’s in a shiny blue office in Salford and it’s all very “GO TEAM! WOO HOO” which, surprisingly, I’m quite enjoying, not least due to the regular free lunches and the free trip to a 5-star hotel.

-Bought a Bass Guitar which is quite possibly the best thing in the world which doesn’t have breasts. Following my guitar naming convention was tricky as I was running out of famous gorgeous Aussie women so it’s currently “sarafrombigbrother” which may or may not stick.

-Went to Cambridge Folk Festival and wanted to be Richard Hawley or Billy Bragg or both. Jane Asher’s Evil Twin has photos.

-Lots of trips to London for new-job training. Blinky Blonky Bloimey. Had hideous train journey where I was stuck outside Stoke for three hours because someone chained himself to the gantry over the rails. The obvious solution of 1000 fed up commuters throwing stones was disallowed and we had to wait for the police. They didn’t even WANT to throw stones so I’m not sure why we bothered to wait.

-Went Camping in Northumberland with Fiona. Got very wet, and very cold. Moved on.

– Started moving the house round. Well, not the house so much as the stuff in it but for all the upheaval, I might as well be.

Other than that, not a lot.

So, now that’s out of the way, normal rubbish will be resumed shortly