Another winner from the government.

Once I can get the images of Nuremberg rallies out of my head, I think this will be a branch of logic I’ll LOVE. By proclaiming publicly that one is a loyal British citizen, one is filled to the brim with so much citizenship one BECOMES a loyal British citizen.

By which reasoning, I can stand in a barn whinnying, declare “I AM A HORSE!!” and win the Grand National.

Better yet, next time I’m at Manchester Academy, I shall leap on stage, declare myself a rawwwwkkkk god and boogie on down.

And therein lies the flaw. Others will follow my lead. The stage will be awash with expert musicians and suddenly what do we have??

A Supergroup.

Or worse, Lynyrd Skynyrd

(aw nuts – I forgot the unwritten rule – one mention of Skynyrd and you have Freebird in your head all day.

“eeeff ahh leee-ave here tooo-mawww-haww-rooowww…..” )