The trouble with waking up to Radio 4 is that just as I’m coming out of sleepy-bo-bo and into “ohgodihavetogetupandshowerandfeedthecatsandgetthebusandgotoworkandisthattheTIME?” state is around the same time as the Today Programme’s “Thought For The Day”, which leads to me mis-hearing, or possibly mis-hearing, deeply religious and heartfelt comment and wondering if I really heard what I thought I heard and if I did hear it, then what the…??

So did I really hear someone this morning say “Jesus wasn’t just a satirist”?

Far be it from me to dis the holy homeboy, but he wasn’t notorious for his comedy, was he? or his pithy skits about the heathen hordes? If anyone heard the whole thing, can you let me know that a/ i wasn’t imagining it and b/ what the flip they were on about?