Although every year seems to start with a burst of mad enthusiasm, ruthless organising, and a goody two-shoes zeal for healthy living, invariably by the second week, I’m sitting on the sofa watching a surprisingly good Dean Stockwell film about killer cockroaches, wondering if it’s too late in the evening to open a bottle of wine.

Some people manage to do – you know – Stuff all the time. Running businesses, writing music, leaving the house between Friday night and Monday morning. Then again, I bet they couldn’t name anything like as many Hammer films as I can.

I’ve tried setting goals but that doesn’t seem to work. So far, my “three posts per week” blog resolutions is a resolute failure but i’m blaming that on my life swinging from madbusy, to “too knackered to be arsed doing anything” because of being madbusy.

Also because looking up “cockroaches” on the Electric Interweb to see if they really CAN fly feels like a productive thing to me.