Last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster, what with one thing and another, and I’ve been putting off blogging partly as I’ve been really busy and partly to avoid having to discuss myself.

But I missed it sooooooo rather than work out what to say and not say, I’m just going to start from here and get on with it.

To quote the magical Peewee Herman:-

“There are things about me you wouldn’t know,
things about me you couldn’t know,
things about me you shouldn’t know…”

oh yeah.

Annoyingly, not much to say today.

Except everybody should go over to Donna’s Site and commiserate with her over the loss of little Greebo, the tiny cat disguised as an enormous ball of fluff.

And I should express how sorry and regretful I am to see those Brave English Boys make a complete arse of their game against Croatia. I really should. Oh yes. I had tears in my eyes watching them last night. Rolling down my cheeks, they were. And I nearly split my sides, too

Can I suggest Norman Wisdom as the new manager? To carry on the comedy?