Been an odd few weeks. Lots going on which I might write about later. Possibly much later. Nothing mysterious, though!

As buggerlugs mentioned, we went out to Yakisoba for her birthday, a variation on a usual Saturday night which involves yakking and no sobriety whatsoever. We nipped into Bar Braw first to discover whether it was genuinely Braw or or actually Keech. Seemed OK – not the rough dives I like, but pleasant enough.

I felt a bit apprehensive when we opened the door to Yakisoba. Not due to the restaurant so much as the sound of cackling Chorlton flooding the place. A small place with a bare wooden floor and 12 hopped up hoorays yelling at each other.


Maybe it was because they were busy but seemed a bit “cosy” to me. I like to operate my elbows in time with my eating requirements, not as a culinary ballet with the next table.

The food, though – wow, the food! I had a suspicion the Bento Box thing would seem a bit gimmicky but in fact it’s a perfectly sensible way to present a selection of food items in one go. Plus I imagine it makes washing up easier.

Anyway, a bigger range of veggie food than you usually get anywhere, which was cool. I went for the Happy Buddha Bento. Cos I was happy and have a physique like Buddha, innit?

‘erself had some fish based concoction and judging by the slurpy noises across the table, that was excellent, too.