Some people, I’m led to believe, have partners who they describe as High Maintenance. The sort of person who will manipulate, scheme and plot to get what they want, usually something expensive costing the poor love-struck dupe a fortune. Sophie sometimes costs me a large sum for precisely the opposite reason – she never EVER talks me out of buying anything, no matter how insane. The swine.

So for some reason, I bought an X-Box 360 yesterday. I’m still not sure why. Can’t really claim to have been a game addict at any point in my life but I want to see what I’m missing.

Of the three games I’ve bought so far, my favourite is “Project Gotham Racing 3”. The plot goes like this:-

Drive big flash car round track

hit stuff


say to yourself “just one more shot”


8 hours later wonder what happened to your day.

I should point out that i’m no expert gamer and even less expert at driving (failed my cycling proficiency test…no, really, I did) but I absolutely LOVE this. The sound’s amazing, the rendering is unbelievable and it’s so bloody addictive.

Doesn’t half make your forearms sting, though.