More stepping back in time. I’m probably about to burst into a mid-life crisis, aren’t I?

Watched “Wargames” which rekindled my teenage love for Ally Sheedy and then the Pixies film “loudQUIETloud” which took me to a slightly later phase of teenage. My first illicit trips to “Pinky and Perky’s” nightclub in Dumfries, a place I wasn’t old or cool enough to be in. Going there was never about the booze. It was that handful of records they played every time, records you never heard anywhere else.
I was hooked from the first time I felt that nursery rhyme bass line, and That voice singing “and this I know, his teeth were white as snow”.

By the time the bombastic chorus started, I was in love and had no idea who with. For weeks, I was trying to find this mysterious record about “Jack heartay” eventually discovering the nightclub sound system had conned me and what i wanted was “Gigantic”. So gigantic it filled my head and never left.